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亚博全网官方网站:莱万这一年:47场55球终圆梦欧冠 31岁的他完成恐怖进化

Not surprisingly, the European football in the 2019-20 season belongs to Bayern and Lewande.


Although the Ballon d'Or was cancelled regrettably, Lewandg received the UEFA Player of the Year without any dispute.

尽管遗憾地取消了Ballon d'Or,但Lewandg毫无争议地获得了UEFA年度最佳球员。

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Bayern's Dinghai Shenzhen, Monkey King

Bayern是ding还S很真, monkey king


In the German Cup against Schalke and the Bundesliga against Augsburg, Bayern had the advantage. Although they all ended in victory, the game process was not satisfactory. The opportunities created are not few, but the conversion rate of players to opportunities is quite average, and it can even be said to be horrible. Facing an excellent opportunity, they lack the confidence and strength to seal the throat with one sword and win with one blow.


Lewand’s absence not only made Bayern lose an efficient penalty area killer, it also disrupted Bayern’s overall tactical choices. The teenager Zilkeze is too young to take on the role of Lewand’s tactical fulcrum. When Bayern chooses to attack, it needs to invest more troops in the frontcourt, especially in the penalty area, to make up, which limits the frontcourt to a certain extent. Creativity, the overall frontcourt organization of offense and finishing often fall into chaos and disorder: pass or shoot, this is a question worth considering.


When Lewand was there, everyone's mission was very clear. Everyone performed their duties. The level of the team's offense and gears were clear at a glance. This is the role of Lewandez. He is not only Bayern's Dinghai Shenzhen, but also the omnipotent Monkey King, sweeping the team and attacking the city.


Fortunately, the new crown pneumonia epidemic ravaged Europe, and the close to three-month shutdown time allowed Bayern and Lewand to "bless in disguise". Lewand, who has returned from injury, can continue to make achievements in the Bundesliga and the Champions League. The first 5 games after the rematch. , Lewand scored 5 goals and strongly declared the return of the king.

幸运的是,新的冠状肺炎疫情席卷了欧洲,近三个月的停产时间使拜仁和勒万德“化装为福”。从伤病中恢复过来的勒万德可以继续在德甲联赛和冠军联赛中取得成就。复赛后的前5场比赛。 ,勒万德攻入5球,并强烈宣布国王复出。

Immortal god, grow against the sky


In the past years, Lewand is still evolving and growing against the sky. This well-known European perfect striker, five-time Bundesliga Golden Boot winner, is the unforgettable chic in the eyes of many giants, with a silver saddle and a white horse, like a meteor. Many female football fans are willing to use Mr. Dongpo’s “The youngest son should only see pictures, and I know how to do it. He writes about the water is poor at the end of the day, and he is definitely not a man in the dust” to describe him. He is also the “national father-in-law” of many male fans , His wife and children are happy and enviable. This may also be an important reason why Lewan can grow up in a few days. People who are soaked in honey have better quality than ordinary people.


The opening of Lewand’s new season is so gorgeous, the halo of the strongest striker spread from the Bundesliga and enveloped Europe. In the first 11 rounds of the league, he scored 16 goals in a row, and the records of Aubameyang and Ged-Müller were all passed in Lewand’s rush. If Lewand’s performance in the past few seasons is beyond challenge, then this season, his performance is unparalleled, scoring 19 goals in the first half, which is halfway from the Bundesliga created by Gerd Muller in the 1968-69 season. The 20-goal scoring record is only one step away. After the second half started, Lewand continued his excellent form in the first half, scoring 6 goals in 6 games and 34 goals in 31 Bundesliga games. Gade Muller The single-season record of 40 goals scored in the 1972-73 season is within easy reach.

勒万德(Lewand)新赛季的开幕是如此精彩,最强前锋的光环从德甲联赛和包围欧洲的球队中蔓延开来。在联赛的前11轮比赛中,他连续打入16球,而奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)和盖德-穆勒(Ged-Müller)的记录都在勒万德的冲刺中获得了通过。如果勒万德过去几个赛季的表现无可挑剔,那么本赛季他的表现是无与伦比的,上半场攻入19球,这是盖德·穆勒在1968-69赛季创造的德甲联赛的一半。 20目标进球纪录仅一步之遥。下半场开始后,勒万德在上半场继续表现出色,在6场比赛中打进6球,在德甲比赛31场打入34球。盖德·穆勒(Gade Muller)轻松达到1972-73赛季40球的单赛季纪录。

In the UEFA Champions League, Lewand scored 10 goals in 5 group matches and established his leading position in the Champions League shooter list early. In 4 knockout matches, Lewand scored 5 goals and finally won the Champions League Golden Boot with 15 goals. Bayern also won the Champions League with a record of 13 wins. After seven years, Bayern once again completed the triple crown.


For Lewandez, when Bayern realized his dream of the Champions League at Wembley 7 years ago, he could only wear Dortmund’s yellow and black jersey to watch Bayern reach the top, and 7 years later, at the Stadium of Light in Lisbon, Lewand finally could Raise the big ear cup with your own hands and enjoy the joy of victory with Bayern.


The best + philanthropist in Europe, this does not conflict


Lewand has scored 55 goals in 47 games in all competitions this season. The Polish knight is wielding a spear handed down from his ancestors in Europe. However, in the battle for the European Golden Boots, Lewandg regrettably lost to Lazio striker Yin Immobile, which has become a hurdle in the hearts of Bayern fans. Lewand’s biggest problem with missing the European Golden Boot is that the Bundesliga schedule is too short, with only 34 rounds, four games less than the other four major leagues.

勒万德本赛季在所有比赛中打入47场比赛,打入55球。波兰骑士挥舞着从欧洲祖先手中传下来的长矛。然而,在争取欧洲金靴奖的战斗中,莱万格遗憾地输给了拉齐奥前锋尹·伊莫比尔(Yin Immobile),这已成为拜仁球迷心中的障碍。勒万德错过欧洲金靴奖的最大问题是德甲赛程太短,只有34轮比赛,比其他四个大联盟少了四场比赛。

However, this does not seem to be a big problem for the "Ninth Five-Year". This man who is used to playing big four in the Champions League will never lack the creativity to score goals.


Bayern always seems to have a different magic, benefiting from the good culture of the club, the players who come here always have a strong sense of belonging.


Earlier, Lewandre revealed a "secret" in an interview. Cristiano Ronaldo and Ramos had invited him to join Real Madrid before, but in the face of the Galacticos invitation, Lewand chose to refuse and said, "I have played for the world's best One of the good clubs, I am happy to be here. Bayern maintains a strong competitiveness, both in terms of lineup composition and training facilities, are top-notch."

此前,勒万德雷在一次采访中透露了一个“秘密”。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)和拉莫斯(Ramos)之前曾邀请他加入皇马,但面对加拉蒂科斯(Galacticos)的邀请,勒万德拒绝了,他说:“我为世界上最好的俱乐部效力,我很高兴来到这里。拜仁在阵容构成和训练设施方面都保持着很高的竞争力。”

For Bayern fans who are accustomed to the "higher level" remarks, this is a real boost. More importantly, Lewand seized the excellent opportunity to make history.


Last season, both Messi and Ronaldo’s scoring efficiency was declining. Except for the emergence of Immobile, no player in the five major leagues can compete with Lewandre. At the club level, the defending champion Liverpool was out of the Champions League early. In the Champions League knockout rematch, Bayern, who was the first to end the league, took nearly a month to recover and adjust. As the "fire coach" Flick's tactics mature, the main goal is to oppress Bayern. In Lisbon, they beat Barcelona 8-2 in the quarter-finals, which directly led to the renewal of the Barcelona earthquake level. In the end, Bayern won the Champions League with an affordable 1-0 victory at the Stadium of Light. The trophy adds another heavy weight to Lewand’s winning the best in Europe.


Lewand’s professional ethics needless to say, and it is also commendable in human terms. After the outbreak, Lewand and his wife Anna donated 1 million euros to fight against the new crown epidemic. Not only that, he also issued a special message calling on fans to "stay calmly at home and try not to gather in public places" to do their best to contribute to society.


This is the responsibility and responsibility of idols and the reason why so many people like Lewand. Lewand’s high efficiency makes people forget the player born in 1988, who is about to turn 32 in four months. Lewand, who has a "hard-to-injury physique" and "very durable", has been injured twice this season. And the injury time is about a month.


The love of the stadium has kept Lewand from sustaining injuries. In order not to delay the second half of the game, Lewand underwent groin surgery on the night after the end of the first half. The Champions League game against Chelsea, Lewand once again Injured, left knee joint tibia fractured, and stopped for four weeks.


Perhaps Lewand will continue to grow against the sky, not only evolving, but this will certainly not be the last glory of his career.


No one commented, but quiet


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